North-East India

We will be presenting at Globetrotters Club, Covent Garden, London

on Saturday 3rd February from 2.30 pm:

Travels in India’s North East Frontier Agency (Part 2)

– The Tribal and Buddhist Landscape of Western Arunachal Pradesh


Why North-East India?

Sealed from the outside world both to the north and east by the magnificence of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains, North-East India lies at the crossroads of ancient trade routes which reach out to Bhutan, Tibet, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The region offers a bewitching fusion of diverse cultures unrivalled anywhere else in India and perhaps anywhere in the world. Remote and isolated, its indigenous tribes maintain a traditional way of life in close harmony with a beautiful and natural, unspoiled world which awaits you. Please find below a selection of five adventures with dates. However, please contact us for further discussion if:

  • you would prefer to start your trek or tour on a different date, or
  • you would prefer us to design a bespoke trek or tour just for you.