Journey to the Heart of Voodoo

Day 1. Arrive in Cotonou – Porto Novo
Our English-speaking guide, a great connoisseur of the customs of his country, awaits us at the airport to transfer us to our accommodation in Porto Novo. Here we will rest and we can take a shower.
Today we will visit the centre of Porto Novo , the old Portuguese city and current political capital of Benin. Porto Novo is an interesting city with several museums and important vestiges of the golden age of triangular trade between Europe, Africa and America . It gave rise to the so – called Afro-Brazilian culture when freed slaves from Brazil returned to Africa.
Accommodation: Hotel.

Day 2. Porto Novo – Country Holi
On our way to Holi country we will visit Pobé , an important city in the Yoruba culture , the second most important ethnic group in Benin after the Fon. Here we can visit the royal palace and the sacred forest of Pobé .
The country Holi is one of the most interesting areas of southern Benin. Its inhabitants have known how to preserve many of their animist traditions. Here it is worth making a walking tour accompanied by a local guide.
Accommodation: Hotel.

Day 3. Country Holi – Gbaname
We enter the region of the hills of Angolín and Cové is its most important city. Here the so-called egungún dance or dance of the ancestors takes place (egungún represents the collective spirit of the ancestors). From Cové we will visit Gbaname to enter the interior of the hills of Angolín. Gbaname is located in a beautiful valley away from the more conventional tourist circuits.
Night in hotel.

Day 4. Gbaname – Dassa
Dassa is a town surrounded by hills that have a very special meaning because here the royal family and the local population are sheltered when the Idasha Kingdom was invaded by the powerful Kingdom of Dahomey in order to get men for the flourishing slave trade. We will climb some of these hills to enjoy a beautiful landscape and see how they venerate the spirits of the ancestors here.
Night in hotel.

Day 5. Dassa – Abomey
We reached Abomey, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Dahomey, one of the historic cities of Benin and a World Heritage Site. In the afternoon free time to walk through this peaceful town, dominated by the red of the earth. At night, we go through the “market of souls”, illuminated with oil lamps to guide the spirits.
We will also visit the disturbing Bohicon fetish market, where you can see skulls of all kinds of fauna and material to perform voodoo rites and the palace – museum where the monarchs of the kingdom of Dahomey lived.
Night in hotel.

Day 6. Abomey – Adja Country
The Adja are farmers’ villages. We will live its realities: how palm nut oil, cassava flour and local sodabi beer are made.
We will continue in a town the disturbing dance of the Zangbeto, an experience that we will never forget.
Night in hotel.

Day 7. Country Adja – Grand Popo
Grand Popo has a beautiful beach, very wild and in which there is a settlement of Ghanaian fishermen, do not miss the spectacle of boarding the boats to the beach at the end of the afternoon.
Night in hotel located next to the beach.

Day 8. Grand Popo – Route of the slaves – Ganvié
We continue route to Ouidah , slave center and headquarters of the Annual Voodoo Festival. We visited the Portuguese colonial fort, the sacred forest of Kpassé and the Temple of the Pythons , a sacred animal for the Fon.
We will walk along the Slave Route to the Door of No Return , which recalls the last steps of the slaves before leaving African soil, one of the largest diasporas in history.
Transfer to the Calavie pier where we embark on our canoe to tour the waters of Lake Nokouéand to know the lacustrine settlement of Ganvié, a group of villages raised on the lake and where all life runs at the rhythm of the canoes, a really beautiful and picturesque place.
We will stay in the same lake in a hostel from which we can enjoy this peculiar way of life.

Day 9. Ganvié – Cotonou

Last canoe trip before going to Cotonou where we will also visit the Dantokpa market, considered the largest in West Africa. Here we also find objects for voodoo rites.

Day 10. Cotonou – Airport
Transfer to the airport.