Jebel Sahro


Hello Alan,

We got back late Sunday having had a wonderful 2 weeks in Morocco. Regarding the trek we were delighted by every aspect. In particular we thought Lhouassain was a perfect guide. He was always considerate in terms of adjusting pace and taking breaks and was so responsive to all the questions we had – about geography, geology, culture, birds, people, ways of living, politics etc etc. He is extremely knowledgeable about the area we are in and it helped hugely to know he is personally connected to the life and people there. The muleteer was also really considerate – and a relaxing travelling companion. I would definitely recommend the combination! We also very much enjoyed the elaborate picnics that were prepared and just wish we could have eaten more of the super generous offerings. The snacks and tea from a teapot were a perfect treat – as were the mattresses to sit on (on the occasions we met up with the muleteer for our picnic lunches).

In terms of the trekking, we had a very good experience because of Lhoussain’s patience and because with there being only 2 of us we felt under less pressure to keep moving. We found the first day quite strenuous as it was very hot and nearly all uphill and we had not got into the swing of things but otherwise the level was about right for us. And the gorge was definitely not too difficult. We really loved the landscapes and the wonderful outlooks gained by being so high and thought the variety along the route was excellent.

The accommodation was also very good – and you managed our expectations well. It was simple but by bringing the mattresses along we always felt comfortable. We were particularly lucky in that we did not encounter other tourists to share the facilities with. We found it really  interesting to find out a bit more about family/working life.  Just wish we could speak the language!

What I liked best:

  • The smooth organization – before and during (especially your responsiveness to all our questions and concerns)
  • The picnic lunches. It was a nice way of breaking up the walking and also to eat and relax in such wonderful locations. 
  • The landscape and wonderful geology, remoteness and absence of other tourists/trekkers.
  • The wonderful starry nights (no light pollution!)
  • Kasbah Baha provided a wonderfully relaxed ending to the trip. If the hotel/town had had a hamman (with massage) that could be easily accessed that would have been an even more perfect ending!

Your tips and advice on preparing for the trip were very helpful indeed – and very comprehensive.  

So, all in all, many thanks indeed for organizing such a memorable holiday for us. It was very special indeed and very professionally organized and executed. Please let us know if there are any other questions you would like feedback on.

And I am sure you will hear from us again and/or other family members.  

All best wishes,

Caroline and Roger (UK)



Hi Alan,

Our trip was amazing from the very beginning. The information you gave before the trip and your fast reply was important.

It’s my first trip with a guide and it was a pleasant, luxurious surprise. We could walk freely and just enjoy. We were in safe hands.
The concept with local muleteers worked well. It was a learning experience to watch them work and move in their home mountains. They were really good guys, Larsen and Mohammad. The guide, Lhoussain, was always helpful and kind and knew when to speak and when not to and was open to answering our questions.
The route was well planned and really beautiful.
Good memories:
  • To meet local people, and see how they manage life in a harsh environment
  • The night sky, the silence, the clean air
  • That we only once met other tourists
  • The earth-built hotel and ancient date palm gardens
  • The market where we bought  food for the trip
  • That even eggs can be fastened on the mule bags
  • and much more.                                                   
    Thank you a lot, Alan, for a great experience,

    Lasse (Denmark)



Dear Alan,

Yes, really, we had a wonderful time in Morocco again – after our time with you in Sirwa earlier in the year – and we love to think back nearly every day !!!

Your organisation was perfect (meeting at the airport, transfers and booking of accommodation). The accommodations haa a special atmosphere, inspired by Berber traditions with very friendly staff – we had an really enjoyable stay – with a breath-taking view!

Lhoussain is a very kind guide. He always endeavoured to make this trek interesting and pleasant for us! Communication (in English) was no problem. Our cook, Ibrahim, conjured up delicacies which were better than in the restaurants in Marrakech but he bought so much food before our trek, that we needed a third mule for the first three days!

The trekking route was divided in good, enjoyable distancesvaried and exciting – and very different to Jebel Sirwa.

We bought little souvenirs from the nomad children along the route and have a lot of those colourful ribbons and scarfs at home now …and with them a lot of memories of unforgettable encounters …

Dear Alan, in this sense we want to thank you for these fabulous travels – we are sure, that you will be hearing again from us some time ! J !

Best wishes to you

Marianne, Max and Mira (Austria)



Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for the trek, it was truly even better than we had hoped it would be. The hotels, cooking on the trek, preparation and effort gone into by everyone involved was superb.

Kind regards,
Richard (UK)



Dear Alan,

Hope this letter finds you well. It took me a while to get my hands to writing this, but as they say “better late than never”.

We wanted to send you a thank you note for helping us organize our trekking in the beautiful Jebel Sahro at the end of December.  The trek was absolutely amazing, and looking back now can definitely say it was the best part of our trip to Morocco (although the country itself is simply gorgeous, really one of the best trips we have taken).  Needless to say, the scenery on the trek is mesmerising, very different from anything we have seen thus far.

Also, I want to pass along special gratitude for organising Lhoussain, as our guide.  He did a great job – apart from the fact he is just genuinely a great person to be around, with all his love for his country, his people, the nature around, he is also a very skilful guide – sensitive to the needs of foreign trekkers, always thinking things through ahead of time, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure his tourists are really getting the best experience.  Once again, it really was a pleasure to have him as a guide, and an honour to meet someone so genuine and true to himself.

Once again, thank you for helping us experience Morocco the way we did.  We hope to be back one day and see more of the Atlas Mountains next time.

Best wishes,

Larysa & Alexander (Russia)



Hi Alan

Yes, we had a great time. The trek was great. We saw no tourists for the first 8 days, then we only saw a few at Bab n’Ali, so that was great to feel really out in the wild.

Everyone who was working on the trip was great – guide, muleteers and cook.

We especially enjoyed the first 6 days of the trek, due to the scenery –  the mountains and nomads  – and that it felt more remote but it was all great.

We loved the Kasbah Baha Baha in Nkoub at the end of the trek. Will will definitely go back to Morocco – we just need to decide which area. Thank you so much for organizing everything; it all went smoothly.

Thank you once again for organizing our super trip. No doubt I will be contacting you in the future about another!

Best wishes,

Helen (UK)


Dear Alan,

We returned from Morocco yesterday after a very successful trip to Morocco and I am happy to tell you that all your arrangements for our Jebel Sahro trek went perfectly.

Lhoussain was an intelligent and helpful guide and was very patient with my wife’s slow pace. Ibrahim’s food was great- fresh produce prepared to restaurant standard. Mohammed and Ahmed were efficient muleteers and I visited the latter’s home high above Berkou for afternoon tea.

We thought the trek had a good variety of scenery and two days of rain in early March meant there were flowers everywhere.

If you venture this far north please do let us know as we would be delighted to meet up with you here.

Charles Wilkinson (UK)



Dear Alan

We had a wonderful time in Morocco; thank you so much for organising this. The arrangements went smoothly, and we were delighted with your choice of hotels.

Lhoussain was an excellent guide; he took very good care of us, gave good advice on timings and made sensible suggestions for modifications to the route. The three muleteers, too, were a cheerful crew.

We also had a very good cook (Ibrahim), and the food was plentiful and delicious – indeed by far the best we have ever had on trek. Our only suggestion on food would be to add muesli to the breakfast menu. The large dining tent, table and chairs were an unexpected luxury which we appreciated.

We really liked your choice of route. Many of the campsites were spectacular and we greatly appreciated the avoidance of pistes and the fact that we spent a lot of time high.

Kind regards
Gillian (UK)



Dear Alan

I am writing to thank you for the excellent trek in the Jebel Sahro which you organised for me last month. From beginning to end, all the arrangements worked very smoothly and I was so well looked after by my guide and by the muleteers/cooks. Their local knowledge was excellent and they were always willing to explain aspects of local Berber culture and of the terrain through which we passed. They were also assiduous in taking care of my comforts and supportive when I tended to lag behind. Amek, amek!

I was so impressed by their ability to put together a delicious lunch laid out on carpets to greet me when I arrived at the rest place. The evening meals were hot and tasty with tajine and couscous featuring and, again, the team’s ability to provide such quality food with limited resources was a tribute to their culinary skills.

As for the trek itself, I have to reach for my superlatives again. From the verdant valleys around Boumalne du Dades to the high pasture where we camped at Le Mers and on to the fantastical gorge before Irhissi, the scenery was uniformly stunning. But, the piece de resistance was towards the end with the amazing shapes of the gigantic volcanic plugs standing out of the landscape around Igli. And then the charm and comfort of Kasbah Baha Baha!

It was a truly memorable experience and I will recommend your company to friends. I am already planning to book with you again for Mgoun.

Thanks again.

Best wishes

Chris Beach (UK)