Why Morocco?


Morocco is a fascinating world of extremes. There are few places on earth where you can journey with such ease from the exotic palaces and kasbahs of imperial cities, only ever imagined in an Arabian Nights fantasy, into a remote wilderness with extraordinary contrasts of stark mountains, green valleys and harsh deserts, of colourful, hospitable peoples and isolated, picturesque settlements.

The mountain ranges of the Moroccan Atlas are of exceptional beauty and cultural interest, yet huge stretches are still relatively rarely visited, which makes them a far more exciting proposition for those seeking adventure than any of the European ranges. Add to that the wonder of the hospitality of the local Berber people, the rich texture of North African life, the dazzling allure of Marrakech, and you will begin to see why a growing number of trekkers are choosing to explore these great mountains.

Why Morocco? On the one hand, Morocco can quickly be reached by most Western travellers; yet, on the other, we are called to step into a fantastic, often surreal world that, in so many aspects, is so very, very far from our own. As was once put to me long ago, Morocco surpasses all other travel destinations because it is quite simply “le pays lointain le plus proche” (the nearest far away country).